This website home page and its other menu items are dedicated to God by its author, Rev. Gary Crum, who has been a Christian for more than fifty years and a worker in God's vineyard since leaving college with a science Ph.D. degree in the '70s.  As a college faculty member, government official, and for the last seven years as a member of the clergy, he has sought to further the Kingdom of God, with God's help, in various posts and in many states.  As a licensed member of the clergy, Gary has pastored small and medium-sized United Methodist church circuits in the mountains of Virginia.  

    Gary currently is serving as Associate Pastor of Lebanon Memorial United Methodist Church in Lebanon, VA.  This church averages about 140 in attendance on Sundays and is part of the 900-church Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church.  This website is a personal effort of Rev. Crum and is done on his free time -- the church is not responsible for the contents.

    Gary, with his wife, Millie, is semi-retired and they both currently are enjoying life in the gentle Appalachian mountains.  They have children and grandchildren, and much to do -- but mostly they want to share God's love electronically as well as in person with family, friends, parishioners, and the Pastors of America via this free sermon-related site.

   You are encouraged not to use this site often -- but only when necessary.  Instead, plan and work on your own sermons taking all the time necessary to make them excellent -- the Lord knows very well when you are in a real time crunch and when you are being lazy! 

    May the Lord help you bearing fruit for God using this resource in a real time of need.

           NOTE:  The stained glass cross logo for this site home page (it may not show on some computers) is a segment of the four-foot high stained glass window in Rev. Crum's church office before which he puts his kneeling pad for private prayer. 

           NOTE:  Sermon outlines from this website are offered as clergy and lay-person helps and for the glory of God, and the author waves all requirements for credit to be given to him when these outlines are used in sermons, devotionals, lessons, and routine church publications.   If books, scholarly articles, or other websites use them, we do respectfully request formal citation of the author's name and this website.